Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy, and to requesting only the minimum amount of information from you for the sole purpose of serving you better. Here is how we preserve your privacy:
We take the following precautions to protect user information:

  • All logins are performed via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication.
  • All modifications you make to your user profile are performed via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication.
  • All online payments are performed via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication with a secure third party payment gateway service.
  • All server software used by our website is password protected.
  • All server hardware used by our website is physically secured against theft.

Information We Collect From You
We collect the following information from you when you register on our website:

We never sell your information or share it with any third party without your permission.

User Registration
You do not have to register on our website to browse our basic information, but some of our services require you to authenticate, or prove who you are, in order to gain access to them because they contain private information about you. For these services we must have your name, email address, and a password of your choosing in order to authenticate you and prevent prying eyes from viewing your private information.

Cookies store small pieces of information that identify you and your preferences to websites. A cookie is created when a website sends a command to your browser to store a piece of information on your computer. Cookies set by a website can be read by that one website only.

There are two types of cookies: persistent and non-persistent. A persistent cookie is stored in a file located on your computer and is instructed to last for a specific length of time by the website that created it. Persistent cookies last between website sessions and are often used to automatically configure a website according to a specific user's preferences every time he returns to the website.

Non-persistent cookies, also known as "session cookies," are not stored in files on your computer, but are instead stored in your computer's memory only until you quit out of your browser. Non-persistent cookies are typically used by a website to remember a user between clicks, rather than between browser sessions.

Most browsers enable you to disable persistent cookies separately from non-persistent cookies. Our website requires that you enable non-persistent cookies in your browser in order to gain access to the majority of our site's services. Though enabling persistent cookies is optional, doing so will offer you more functionality on our website, such as the ability to remember you from one session to the next and automatically log you in.

We use cookies only to provide services and conveniences to you and to improve our website so it can serve you better.

Sales Orders
Sales you place on our website can be viewed only by you and by the people in our offices who must have access to your information to process your order. We do not store your credit card number in our system; when you submit an order, your payment information is submitted directly to a secure third party payment gateway that handles the secure storage of your credit card information.

Third Party Advertising
Click-through data is provided to the third parties that advertise on our website at the summary level only, so no individual will ever be identified to any third party.

Log Files
The log files we accumulate on our website are used to manage the information described within this privacy statement and for the normal maintenance and tuning of our website. All log files are accessible by our office staff only, and are purged on an as-needed basis.

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