Why SV

Your Second Home is Our First Priority


Our industry leading solutions deliver groundbreaking vacation rental and property management capabilities


We bring dynamic solutions to elevate ​the profitability of your home in the highly competitive vacation rental and property management market


We go beyond lodging to elevate our guests’ entire vacation experience


Our best-in-class program is designed to inspire your confidence and earn your trust


Why Trust Summit Vacations to Manage Your Second Home?

We have a passion to offer unparalleled service with the highest ethical standards

  • Integrity:​ We operate with accountability, honesty and transparency
  • Experience:​ We have combined local, entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experience
  • Innovative:​ We are a disruptive force in our local and national market place – we create industry trends
  • Excellence:​ We are dedicated to maintaining a World Class business operating model
  • Adaptable:​ We are in a state of constant and perpetual improvement

What Makes Summit Vacations Different?

Summit Vacations’ defines itself by maintaining best-in-class vacation rental and property management practices consistent with the world class nature of the Breckenridge resort community

Premium Brand

  • Confidence: Our brand management strategy is designed to inspire confidence in our guests
  • Maximize Conversions: With increased confidence - and by creating a predictable guest experience - we optimize our conversion rates
  • Optimize Rate Structures: A premium brand allows us to optimize our rate structure and not compete on price alone.

Enhanced Market Visibility

  • Omni-Channel Marketing: Summit Vacations’ employs an unmatched, omni-channel marketing program designed to maximize visibility of your property in the vacation rental marketplace and in 2015, we had over 70,000 website visits.
  • Google and Search Engine Results: We professionally manage our search engine rankings and we are consistently ranked #1 on Google for the search term “Breckenridge Lodging”
  • Digital Marketing: We have the scale and budget to market your property across a wide range of digital channels
  • Referral Partnerships: We actively partner with a wide range of domestic and international referral companies (e.g. Homeaway, VRBO), online travel agencies and travel brokers
  • Inbound Sales Management: We have internal processes and software systems designed to maximize conversions related to website and guest inquiries
  • Repeat Business: A substantial part of our business are repeat customers and we have a digital database of over 30,000 guests and website visitors


The vacation rental business is evolving rapidly. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we have a custom reservation system that allows us to create unique offerings in the Breckenridge marketplace.

  • Dynamic Pricing that allows us to automatically adjust pricing based upon unique supply and demand conditions
  • Guest Loyalty Program that awards our guests loyalty points with a redemption program unique to the Breckenridge marketplace
  • Robust Forecasting, Portfolio Management and Revenue Reporting Tools that can be tailored to your unique objectives and that provide transparency of results

Exceptional Guest Experience

Predictability of experience is a critical element to the Summit Vacations’ brand management strategy. Our program is designed to give our guests confidence in their vacation rental and enhance their vacation experience.

  • Local Reservationists: Unlike some of our competitors who utilize regional call centers for guest inquiries, all of our reservationists are local and have visited all of our properties
  • Summit Rewards Program: Due to our scale, we can offer our guests and owners the best discounts on equipment rentals, transportation and other services
  • Resort Services: We strive to Create a Resort Experience in the Comfort of a Private Residence and offer concierge services such as in-room massage, grocery delivery and catering
  • Personal Communication: All of our guests receive pre-arrival emails and phone calls to ensure they have all the information they need to have an exceptional vacation experience
  • Reviews: We actively solicit and - personally respond to – guest reviews so we can constantly improve our vacation rental program

Portfolio Management

We believe in proactive asset management. As part of our portfolio management practice we offer the following:

  • Revenue Forecast Model: We have developed a proprietary revenue forecast model - when we give you rental projections, they are based on hard data and realistic rate and occupancy assumptions
  • Revenue Tracking: Your revenue forecast is entered into our portfolio management system and actively monitored for performance
  • Owner Statements: Our owner statements are investment grade and contain historical data to provide you with transparency of performance.

Risk Management

Vacation rentals can result in anxiety for both owners and guests. To help mitigate and manage this risk, we offer:

  • Informational Programs: Our marketing program employs numerous strategies to help our guests find the vacation rental that is right for their unique needs and aid in the “predictability of their experience.”
  • Travel and Damage Insurance: We offer our guests both travel and damage insurance in the event of the unexpected
  • Robust Rental Agreement: All of our guests are required to sign our rental agreement via Docusign prior to a reservation being accepted
  • Dual Inspection Program: We conduct pre-arrival and post damage inspections and our inspectors utilize inspection software that can be tailored to your home
  • Keyless Entry and Smart Home Technology: We offer keyless entry and temperature monitoring services that allow us to better manage your home


In this highly dynamic and rapidly evolving market, we tailor our program to meet your unique objectives and to create peace of mind for you and our guests. Vacation rental is a true partnership and we would be greatly honored to have you participate in the Summit Vacations' program.

Some do some of what we do – No one does all that we do!