Winter Predictions 2014-2015

10/02/2014 | By Katie

With opening day just around the corner everyone begins to wonder, what will this winter season bring? There are a wide range of publications with predictions ranging from a mild winter to an epic snowfall year. Below are a few different predictions for this coming winter season. If this year is anything like last year it will be a great season!


According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Colorado will have a snowy and bitter winter. There is a chance for an El Nino winter which could even bring more moisture to Colorado. The  has predicted that 20 inch storms are twice as likely to happen this winter. With larger storms in the Fall and Spring. predicts an average snowfall year for the Rocky Mountains but if El Nino kicks in Colorado could see lots of snow.


Last year was a great winter with 319” total snowfall and was well deserved after two dry winters in a row. January and Febraury were the best months with many back to back heavy snowstorms. The largest storm last year was a total of 23.” So overall it seems that if this becomes an El Nino winter Colorado will see high snowfall average for the year. It’s already snowing here in Breckenridge so I would say it’s off to a great start!

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