White Water Rafting in Breckenridge

04/27/2016 | By Summit Vacations

White water rafting is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do in the great outdoors, and what greater outdoors can there be to explore than Breckenridge, Colorado and its surrounding Summit County area? None in our books! The following is a list of quick tips to prepare you for your adventure, such as items to bring, safety precautions and resources for planning your trip. Also, Summit Vacations LOVES whitewater rafting so much, we’ve teamed up the locals at KODI Rafting to offer you a discount when you book your stay through Summit!

A checklist to prepare you for your white water rafting trip in Breck!

Check Your Belongings

The following is a laundry list of items you should make sure to bring on your great whitewater rafting adventure. You will regret leaving home without these items...

  • Clean, bottled drinking water is a must. You may even consider bringing along a water filter, purifier, or a sip/squeeze bottle for long trips.
  • Sun block, preferably one with SPF 30 plus. It is very easy to get sunburned out on the river.
  • Chapstick! The sun is very drying and your lips will need protection.
  • Cheap plastic UVA protection sunglasses with a strap. The plastic lenses won’t shatter if broken, plus they will float, and the strap will keep them from knocking off your head when you hit a rapid.
  • Water appropriate lightweight clothing and proper shoe wear. Water shorts and a t-shirt are a perfect combination, as are water shoes or an old pair of tennis shoes. Depending on the weather, you may even opt for a wet suit during colder months. You will also want a change of clothes. Bring them in a dry in a plastic bag that you can then reuse for storing wet river clothes.
  • If you need prescription glasses to see, try and get a pair of contacts instead. You’ll be grateful when the river doesn’t take away your $400 prescriptions halfway through your trip, leaving you blind as a bat. Whew! 
  • If you are bringing any sort of electronics, such as a cell phone, walkie-talkie or camera, make sure they are either water proof or in an air tight plastic bag specifically made to handle rough treatment. In fact, you can use that bag to store any items that need a dry place to stay, like a handy towel, feminine hygiene articles, or medication.
  • Don’t forget to bring a form of personal identification and some emergency cash. You can store it in the dry bag.
Check Your Safety

  • Are there enough life vests and helmets for all in your party? 
  • Are there the right amount of people in each raft? 
  • Does anyone know CPR or where the first aid box is located? 
  • Is there a way to get help in case of an emergency? 
  • Are you and your friends aware of proper water safety measures? 
These are just a few questions you should ask yourself when preparing to hit the water. Whitewater rafting is extremely fun, but it also has a real possibility of danger. Therefore, you should take it very seriously and familiarize yourself with river safety knowledge and your own physical limitations. Rivers are categorized by their ease of navigation from I, a gentle and slow flowing river, to VI, a harsh and dangerous rushing river. The best way to find reliable information about the quality of a river is to contact a local rafting company, such as the KODI Rafting outpost in Breckenridge. Better yet, you would be wise to hire a guide to follow you on your journey, especially if this is your first time whitewater rafting or on a new river. Their river knowledge, safety and experience can be of great assistance and a wonderful learning experience!

Check Where You Are Going

Staying in Breckenridge, Colorado gives you so many great opportunities for whitewater rafting, given its location in Summit County. Located less than 15 minutes south of Dillon Reservoir, and 1.5 hours North of Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River, Breckenridge is surrounded by a great variety of river rafting selections. The KODI website has an awesome trip planner page detailing tours in the Summit County area, their specific classification and for whom they may be appropriate. They even have a very helpful trip comparison graph for your convenience. All of this information would be way too much for this little article, so I highly recommend that you take advantage of this great free resource by visiting KODI’s amazing website here.

Here is the contact info for the KODI Rafting Breckenridge Outpost, but make sure to book through the Summit Vacations website in order to get a special discount! After booking your Summit Vacations reservation online, log into your Summit Vacations account portal. Look for "Summit Deals" to make your discounted KODI rental reservation.

KODI Rafting Breckenridge Outpost

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