What Sets Us Apart as a Property Management Company?

01/30/2014 | By Admin

Owning a vacation rental in Breckenridge can be a time consuming task. Whether it is because you live far from your rental property, you have another full time job, or you have multiple rental units, sometimes you feel completely overwhelmed by all of the work that needs to be done. If you are like many property owners, you have felt the burden of being overloaded with management tasks, while wishing you could treat your ownership like other investments: hands-off. Luckily, Summit Vacations understands this dilemma and has worked with hundreds of vacation rental owners in similar situations.

Summit Vacations is Premier to Competing Property Management Companies

Breckenridge has world-class skiing, and yet so many property management companies do not manage with world-class techniques. Listing through Summit Vacations means listing with a proactive, data-driven company. Our proactive portfolio management allows owners to know about problems right away and discuss ways in which goals can still be met. For example, if we find in January that a unit’s estimated revenue is not on track to be met, we can identify the issue and come up with a specific plan to get the property back on track. Proactively looking for means to a solution before it is too late in the season, usually allows owners to get and exceed the number of bookings they had estimated. Other property management companies are more reactive: an owner will ask in March why revenue is low, and it is too late to come up with a plan. Our goal is to use data to continually assess how you can get the revenue you had planned for that year.

The fact that Summit Vacations manages hundreds of units means it can afford to implement a multitier, robust marketing program. Companies with 20 or so listings simply cannot market units with the same effectiveness. With referral programs and other marketing channels, our staff has the skills to give each unit much more exposure. We don’t reply on one marketing channel either, we utilize them all: search engine optimization, email marketing, magazines, direct mail, electronically, and many more. With many of our clients living in the United Kingdom, we also market effectively to a global demographic, which again greatly increases your unit’s exposure to potential renters.

Also, because our website is custom built, we have multiple ways of highlighting specific properties to the thousands of visitors we get each month; once a unit is listed, it does not just sit there waiting to be rented. We are constantly offering specials and featuring different properties. We also know that renters want to see a website that is both modern and well-organized. That is why we recently overhauled our entire website and made it a priority to make comparing multiple listings easy and efficient. If a potential renter wants to compare the amenities and prices of multiple properties, they can easily access and read a table that allows for side-by-side comparisons.

Summit Vacations’ website is also incredibly useful for renters beyond lodging. We provide up to date information regarding weather and local events. Guests also have easy access to choosing an activity (restaurants, shopping, mountain activities, etc.) and getting even more specific information about all the different options Breckenridge has to offer. This feature allows guests to rely on the website more heavily and thus increases exposure to the rentals.

As a Rental Owner, What to Expect from Summit Vacation Rental Management

To avoid potential problems, renters must sign a rental agreement before payment, stating that they commit to follow certain rules and expectations that the owner has set. The agreement includes how damaged property is dealt with. Once a renter has booked a property, they often speak with a member of our reservation staff via either email or phone. The staff is ready to pay attention to any red-flags that may come up in the conversation, such as more individuals staying in the unit than is allowed.

When we start managing a property, owners are expected to provide basic utensils, pots, pans, etc. However, we provide all linens including bed sheets and towels. After each renter leaves, we clean the linens and replace any that may have been damaged beyond repair.

Our 24/7 in house staff is here to help with any kind of issue. If anything goes wrong, renters can contact our property management team and a member of the staff will fix the issue in an appropriate time frame. The Homeowners Association of each complex often takes the responsibility, as the problem arises due to something beyond the owner’s control (water heater, internet, etc.) When this is the case, we try our best to get the HOA to act immediately, but the situation is a bit out of our control. However, with some emergencies, such as if a dishwasher or sink acts up, we take responsibility and will be by as soon as possible to fix it. The repair charges do get billed to the rental owner, with the exception of additional items requested by the temporary tenant, which gets billed to them at checkout.

Within 24 hours of a renter checking out, we inspect the unit to make sure nothing is missing or broken and we clean the unit from head to toe. Before the next renter comes, we do a second inspection to make sure it is “guest-ready.” The unit should be cleaned, and filled with the necessary supplies.

A Final Thought

Listing your Breckenridge condo, townhouse or private home with Summit Vacations means you can focus on other tasks, with the assurance that your rental unit is being marketed by deliberate, data-based means. You can rest easy, knowing that renters are receiving top-notch service and will want to come back in the future. We are Breckenridge’s premier property management company and believe we can make your rental experience amazing!

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