What’s SUP in Summit County!

07/12/2015 | By Kristy & Weldon

SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding; a sport of balancing on a large surf style board while using a long paddle to maneuver along open water. This has lately been all the rage. Originally used surfing in the ocean, SUPs are now seen in lakes, rivers & even used for yoga.

Eager to try, we went to Summit Vacations' local partner Base Mountain Sports, who rents SUPs during the summer. They equipped us with inflatable SUPs that fold into backpacks weighing 40+ pounds each. Some Summit County residents hike with these to subalpine lakes for a remote SUPing experience. We took the mellow approach and drove to Green Mountain Reservoir on a sunny day.

We unpacked the SIC Maui SUP boards and were amazed by the user-friendly design. The board came neatly folded, the paddle was in easy to assemble pieces, plus a fin and pump were included. We quickly figured out the board set-up and got to work inflating.

Some might argue inflating is the hardest part of the SUP experience. The pumps are very easy to operate, but require a bit of gusto to inflate the boards to the recommended 7.5 – 20 psi. Our experience showed us that higher psi meant better glide on the water.

Boards inflated, fins attached, paddles assembled, life vests buckled – and we were off!

Kristy was unsure of the balance required at first, so she got a feel for the board by kneeling down. She wanted to be far from the rocky shoreline when she stood up in case she fell.

She paddled out to the middle of the reservoir, aligned herself in the center of the board and stood up! It took some gentle adjustments for her to confidently balance on the board. 

Our favorite part of the day was the sunset paddle. The meditative sensation of paddling on the calm water as crimson hues lit up the sky was breathtaking. Overall, it’s a definite recommended experience for your Summit County vacation!

If you’re up for a paddle, stop in with our friends at Base Mountain Sports. They’ll gear you up for an exciting SUP adventure. Plus, you’ll get a discount when you tell them Summit Vacations sent you.

Now that’s what’s SUP in Summit County!

Base Mountain Sports | Phone: 970-453-6405 | 500 South Park Avenue Breckenridge, CO 80424 | (Park in "F" Lot next to the shop - it's free parking all summer!) | Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm

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