The Best Advice for Summer Biking at Breckenridge

08/31/2015 | By Summit Vacations

The 2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge has sped through and left the town of Breckinridge for this year, but that doesn’t mean all roadies have to pack up their saddles and steeds to head home!  Breckinridge is a great summer destination for all things cycle related. Quick, grab your bike and let Summit Vacations Property management help you shift gears to a last minute holiday before old man winter brings on the skiers and snow boarders. These mountains are yours… for a limited time!

We here at Summit Vacations Property know that the summer biking season may be short, but it is oh-so-sweet. June through September, on average, are the ideal times to hit the bike paths. Rain is a bit more common, but riders should expect little to no snow. Most rain will fall in July, but the usually mid 70 degree temperature will make that wet ride pure joy.

Breckinridge bike trails crisscross all over town. Riders can choose to steer their bikes up the mountain paths or stick to the road. Looking for a map? Check out to print a free copy or download a 3D version via the power of google maps. Better yet, wait until you get there and purchase one from a friendly local at the Breckenridge Welcome Center located at 203 South Main Street, phone number (970) 453-5579.

Just imagine, you’ve got your map and you’re headed down the trail, when “POP!” the sound of air fizzing out stops you on your merry way. What to do? Have no fear! There are plenty of bike shops in the area, some open as early as 8:00 am and as late as 8:00 pm. That’s a full 12 hours to get your bike on! The trusted professionals at places such as Avalanche Sports, Elevation, Alpine Sports and many more local businesses will take care of any and all of your biking needs and desires. Purchase tires, tubes, helmets, jerseys, pumps, mudguards, bike chains, breaks, lube, handlebars, pedals, sprockets and so much more to make your biker heart smile. Trained bike mechanics are on staff waiting to give your bike the proper tune up needed for a great ride. Summit Vacations want’s your ride to go smooth and hassle-free, so visit these shops whenever in need!

Many of these shops also operate as bicycle rental services. This is a great option for the Sunday rider, someone who did not bring their own bike but would simply like to enjoy the fresh mountain air and exercise. Guided lessons and chairlift hauls are even available! This is perfect for children, an adult in need of a refresher course or someone who just wants to flirt with the cute instructor. Bicycle renting is a very popular option enjoyed by a lot of guests at Breckinridge.  Summit Vacations highly recommends this as a choice activity. Renting offers all the excitement of mountain and road biking without all the hassle and responsibility of bringing your own to town. Whatever you choose to do, biking at Breckenridge in any way is an exciting and family friendly option for all visitors!

After a long day of rubber on the road (or dirt) and exciting twist and turns, it is expected that most riders may be feeling a bit of exhaustion and sore muscles. If you’re feeling a bit whooped, why not schedule a delicious in room massage provided by Summit Vacations? Swedish, deep tissue and Sports massage are all on offer and will be administered by one of our lovely massage therapist in the comfort of your private vacation residence. These relaxing and rejuvenating massages will have you put at ease, and prepare you for another great day of outdoor exploration. Prices may vary, but are quite reasonable given the luxury offered.

Riders of all ages: Come stay at a Summit Vacation property and take pleasure in all the various terrains Breckinridge has to offer! There is no better place to spend your summer in the great outdoors of Colorado, and no better vacation rental properties than the ones offered by Summit Vacations!

Roadies and roadie fans of all ages: Start planning NOW your summer 2016 visit to experience next year’s glorious edition of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge!  You DON’T want to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge has always taken place in late August, usually starting around August 2oth, and makes its way through Breckinridge, CO mid journey. Traversing the great and beautiful state of Colorado, it is one of the most important cycling events to happen each year in the United States. VIP experiences can be purchased at in the months approaching this awesome race. It is an event that is not to be missed! Reserve your time at a Summit Vacations property today!

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