The Beach at Breck

03/16/2015 | By Roman

Friday, February the 13th was not unlucky for my friend, Chuck and I as we got on the free ride bus headed towards the Peak 7 on our way to Peak 6. We made our way down Wanderlust, off of Peak 7 on our way to Peak 6.

I had wanted to do some exploring and check out the terrain between Peak’s 6 and 7.

We got off the Kensho Chair on Peak 7 and turned left, dropping down into Serenity Bowl, and heading towards Peak 7.  There is an opening in the rope, to get into Lower Serenity Bowl, that leads under the cliffs of Peak 6.

To our left was a spectacular vista of the Continental Divide, the fourteeners, Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks, towering above the runs of Keystone; to our right was the saddle between peak 6 &7.

We saw skiers coming down through the powder off of this saddle.

We skied down through some trees and down to the area just above the Independence Chair.

 We took a run through Lower Forget Me Not.  I was skiing on my trusty Nordica Patrons…. one of my favorite skis and one that you could rent from our affiliates ski rental partners, Base Mountain Sports and Christy Sports.  

My friend Chuck was skiing on his brand new Nordica Soul Riders…. he raved about them, and I believe that you would also be able to rent these from our affiliate partners. I thought that between us, we had two of the “coolest skis on the mountain” - with my Patrons being the coolest; with the Grateful Dead -like - Bandito - skeleton, clutching his bottle of “Patron” Tequila: 

Both shops also offer delivery.  You can make your equipment reservations and secure up to a 20% discount by doing so on our home page:

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