So many choices in outerwear, why not choose a brand that saves our planet?

02/10/2015 | By Base Mountain Sports

Let's just be real here. There are tons of choices when it comes to outerwear. Why not choose a brand that helps save our planet? If you haven't heard, Picture Organic Clothing is the real deal. With their startup in 2008, Picture has been focused on creating the most eco-friendly outerwear on planet Earth.

33-50% of the polyester in their products are directly pulled from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There are miles of plastic bottles across this garbage filled island. Isn't that sad?

The great news is that you can make a difference in recycling these bottles by purchasing Picture Organic Clothing. A featured brand at Base Mountain Sports in Breckenridge. Drop into 500 S. Park Ave. to find the newest in Picture Organic Clothing and much more.

Base Mountain Sports. We care about our planet and want to preserve our Earth for our future inhabitants.

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