Skiing in Breckenridge January 2015

03/12/2015 | By Roman

On Friday, January 30, 2015, my friend Chuck and I waited a little while to hit the slopes, as there had not been any new snow for a few days, and we wanted to wait for the sun to warm up the snow.  We walked about 100 feet to the nearest bus stop: most properties in Breckenridge are within 200 feet of a bus stop, and the buses run every 20 minutes during the ski day, and once an hour after that till midnight.  The various buses will get you within 150 feet of most of Breckenridge’s chairlifts, with the exception of the Quicksilver.  Taking a bus to Beaver Run gets you within 100 feet of a chairlift, a ski school, and the snow slope on which you can ski down to the Quicksilver.  There are two ski schools at the base of Peak 9, one at the Village and the other at Beaver Run. The lower part of Peak 9, served by the Quicksilver Chair, is one of the best places for beginners to learn how to ski.

We took the bus to Beaver Run and hopped onto the Beaver Run Chair, which took us to the top of Peak 9.  As our warm up run we skied down Bonanza, dipping into the natural half pipe that exists on the right side of the run, just before the turn towards the Ten Mile Station. Our strategy of delaying our start, this day, paid off.  The sun had softened the snow by this time, and we were again, on our way to another wonderful ski day at Breckenridge.  Next we tackled the single black diamond moguls on Peerless. I was on a new pair of Rocky Mountain Underground  CRM “Climax” skis that Base Mountain Sports was letting me demo.  They were 185 cm long with 128-88-118 dimensions.  This narrowing of the waist appears to be new direction compared to the trend of bigger skis overall. The narrower waist would theoretically make for a quicker turn, so I thought I would try them out.  They were smooth as silk, turning easily on the bumps of Peerless, and then on the next run, into the Peerless trees.  They were indeed quick turning on the bumps and through the trees.

I felt so good skiing on them that I decided to put them through the challenge of the Devil’s Crotch, one of the steepest mogul runs on the mountain.  Well, I could use the excuse of their relatively long length for the problems I encountered on that run, but basically, I’m getting old and out of shape, and can’t blame the skis for my performance on that run.  After that run, the skis and I performed admirably as we stayed on easy blacks and blues the rest of the day.  Getting old can be tough.

I’d like to close this blog with a shout out to Base Mountain Sports, a great ski shop, just across the street from the Village ramp entrance, and you can demo the entire line of Rocky Mountain Underground skis, as well as many of the other top skis.  If you have reserved your skis from them (you can so so on our home page and get a 20% discount for doing so, and have your ski package waiting for you on the evening of your arrival…. they have a sing saying let us know if you have made ann equipment reservation, because they will have it ready for you to try on.  You would be able to pull into the F lot after 3 pm, (no charge for parking after that time) and go to the furthest left hand side of the parking lot, and you will be within 50 feet of the door of Base Mountain Sports:

 They also offer a delivery (Elite Ski Delivery):

 I loved the Rocky Mountain Underground CRM “Climax” skis…. silky smooth and quick turning; they performed all over the mountain on bumps, through trees, in crud, in the few patches of powder that I found, and held their grip on hard pack in the few spots where I encountered it.

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