Skiing 5 Mountains in One Day

03/23/2015 | By Roman

Friday, March 13, another lucky day to be going skiing.  Breck reported 5 new inches of snow overnight, and it was still snowing when my friend Tom and I, caught the bus going up to Peak 8.  

 Breckenridge Ski Resort comprises 5 mountains - Peaks 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, one half of an entire mountain range, the Ten Mile Range.  Tom and I decided to ski all 5 peaks on this lucky for us, Friday the 13th.

 Tom talked me into taking the double black diamond, mogul run, Southern Cross, for our warm up.  Delightful powder bumps on our first run.  WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!   We then met up with our friend Sherrie, at the Overlook Restaurant, at the top of Peak 9.  The 3 of us, then cruised down the blue, intermediate run, Bonanza, and cut over to the Falcon Chair, on Peak 10. The snow was wonderful on Centennial, as our skis sliced through the powder and packed powder, whooping and hollering as we went. We cut left onto Doublejack, in order to avoid the flat run out.   We rode the Falcon again and came down Crystal, this time.  We skied down to the Mercury lift and caught it to go back to the top of Peak 9.  From there we skied the the single black diamond expert run, Volunteer, and then onto Shock.

Speaking of Shock, I found out that the price of a one day lift ticket to ski Breck, now costs $149. 

(Here’s a tip for the vacationing skier:  If you are going to ski 3 or more days, plan ahead and buy a season’s pass. A season’s pass with unlimited skiing at Breckenridge, Keystone and A-Basin, can be purchased for under $500 in the beginning of the season.  Get the pass…. and come back again and ski in April… Colorado’s best kept secret.  The sun and warmer temperatures cannot melt all the accumulated snow that has fallen all year…… lodging prices are the lowest of the winter season in April.) 

We then caught the highest chair lift in North America, the Imperial, and took it to 12,840 feet.   

(The fact that we have the highest chairlift in North America is another reason why the ski season at Breck lasts through the 3rd weekend in April (the last 2 years, the ski resort re-opened for one or two more weekends after the season officially ended).  Breckenridge is about 5 miles northwest of the Continental Divide, so all the storms end up bumping up against the Divide, and dropping copious amounts of snow, before getting up over the Divide).

 We hiked the much shorter distance to the entrance to the Whale’s Tail, intending to ski down to the saddle between Peaks 7 and 6, however, the gate to the Dunes was closed.

 We opted instead, to drop into the Y-Chutes, off of the saddle between Peaks 8 and 7. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!   Dropping left into the soft powder, and steering hard left to slow down, I made a turn and started steering hard right to slow down…. WOW…. it was really steep at  the top but leveled out to a pitch under 40 degrees after about 4 turns…. WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!   It felt like 6 to 8 inches of fresh powder.  


We made our way down the chutes to the terrain just above the Independence chair on Peak 7, and entered Wanderlust, the single black ski run through glades and trees, that leads to Peak 6.

From the top of Peak 6, we went left, we skiied down the blue, intermediate run, Reverie, crossing left into the Elysian Fields before dipping down into Daydream, all, blue intermediate runs…. the snow was soft and forgiving, and wonderful.  We rode the Kensho Chair again, to the top, this time dropping into the double black diamond run, Wonderland.  There must have been a foot of powder back there.  WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!    Delightful.  We made our ways through some tight trees coming out of Wonderland.

Tom stopped and shoved his poles all the way into the snow to show us how deep the snow was.

I was skiing on my trusty Nordica Patrons, the coolest skis on the mountain.  You can rent them from our affiliate rental partner, Christy Sports, (with 9 locations in Breck and door to door delivery as well), get a 20% discount by renting them from our home page:

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