Powder Days

02/11/2014 | By Roman

Whooooooo Hooooooo !!!!!  another wonderful powder day.  I must have done something right to deserve this.

This is only my 3rd day of skiing this year, but its also my 3rd powder day. 

The snow was delightful.  Fresh tracks through a foot of untracked powder on our warm up run, down the blue, intermediate run, Bonanza.  There is a natural half pipe on the right hand side of the run, and it was delightful dropping into that.

 We cruised over to the Falcon Super Chair, knowing that some of the best snow is usually found on Peak 10.  We skied down Corsair, a single black diamond expert run.  The entrance we chose already had tracks in it, but the snow was deliciously soft, and malleable as we made our turns on this mogul run.  We made some detours into the trees along side the run to catch some foot deep untracked powder.

We skied down into Upper Lehman and past Ten Mile Station, on the way to the Peak 8 Superconnect.  Our intent was to make our way over to  Peak 6 to catch our first experience over there.  Finally, we were able to ride the  new Zendo and Kensho Chairs at Peak 6.  We were anxious to check it out, however, the snow was not stopping, and as wonderful as the freshly falling snow was, we were not able to experience the fabulous views that they say this new Peak 6 affords.  The views of Dillon Reservoir are said to be reminiscent of Lake Tahoe, and the spectacular vistas that are said to be there will have to wait for another day.

 The terrain was delightful, as we made our way down the blue intermediate Elysian Fields..  Large, shallow, soft, malleable, easy to ski moguls were starting to form on this run.  At the base of this run, a sign welcomed us into Nirvana.  Nirvana is a blue, intermediate run through widely spaced glades and  trees..  Lots of fun skiing on this run, and my Rossi Experience 98’s , top rated all around big mountain ski, floated on patches of fresh powder through these glades.  Our Ski Rental affililiate, the award winning Ski Butlers, carries the entire Rossignol line.  You can reserve  your skis from them on our home page and get a Summit Vacations discount; look for equipment & rentals at the top of our home page.

We had actually missed the gate to our intended destination, so we skied back to the Kensho chair.  Care needs to be taken in the last descent down to the Kensho Chair.  All the runs off of Peak 6, funnel into one small area, and that gets very crowded , with fast skiers and riders coming down.  That area had the only slick  and icy spots on the mountain because of all that traffic. 

 We got off the Kensho chair and I was amazed to see a line of skiers/riders hiking up to the top of Peak 6.

Now I plan on doing that sometime this season, but I am going to make sure that it is a Bluebird day, where I can clearly see what I am dropping into. 

 We then retraced our steps to the gate  to Wonderland, a double black diamond run off of the north side of Peak 6. 

 Wow…. We basically had the run to ourselves.  Very steep, however, the two feet of fresh and lightly tracked snow, did slow our descent in this beautiful new terrain.  Although we only saw two other skiers on the run while we went down, we were joined by numerous skiers coming down the cat trail that goes back to the lift. They must have been the hikers we saw going up from the top of the Kensho Chair.

 Unfortunately, I had some other commitments and had to cut my ski day short this day, below is a picture of a skier coming down our ski in lodge.   Remember, we have 43 ski in properties, with still some availability in February, more in March, and lots of availability still left in April.  It looks like we will be setting a new record for snowfall this season.

I can’t wait to check out Peak 6 and the views from there,  on a Bluebird Day.  Here’s an insider’s tip.  The month of April, has the most Bluebird days, lots of accumulated snow, warm temperatures,  blue skies and sunshine.  Breck stays open til the 3rd weekend in April. 

 Another insider’s tip.  If you are going to ski 5 days or more at Breckenridge, buy a pass early, and come back twice, at least.

 It has been a fabulous snow year so far.  The best part of the ski season is the next 3 months, right before us.

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