POWDER! and International Snow Sculptures

01/30/2014 | By Judi Lacko Zallaps

I drove up to Breckenridge this afternoon from Denver and I have to say that the roads were a lot better than what I expected.  The roads were relatively clear until I approached the tunnel and then on the West side of the tunnel the roads were snowpacked and icy all the way into Breck.  Please give the snow plows the extra room they need to do the fantastic job that they do and drive safely!  

I can't believe how much snow Breckenridge has received.  We arrived about 4:00 this afternoon after a foot had fallen over night and I think that over a foot and a half have fallen since this morning.  Tomorrow and the weekend are going to be amazing powder days!  The temperature is nice, I was shoveling without a jacket or gloves and was warm, and surprisingly ther is NO wind.  Enjoy a fabulous powder weekend on the mountain and take some time to see the snow sculptures as this year's entries are absolutely amazing and worth seeing.  Especially at night when the colored lights are shining on them.

We hope you enjoy your stay and if there is anything we can do to make it more enjoyable, please let us know.

Have an incredible powder weekend!


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