Planning a Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

12/10/2015 | By Summit Vacations

Are you planning a ski vacation to Breckenridge this season? It can be stressful trying to strategize an entire agenda from scratch while coordinating dates and schedules. Before you head out on your fabulous winter holiday, make sure you check off everything on your to do list. No one wants to arrive on the mountain, only to realize they forgot their favorite piece of gear back home!


Planning a minimum of a month out will give you enough time to coordinate all the details of your trip, with plenty of time for changes. Start your ski vacation in the most stress free way possible. Determine how many people will be joining you and what dates work best for your group. is a great resource when establishing a schedule. We have all sorts of helpful information available for you at your fingertips for your expedition to Breckenridge. Don’t forget to prepare vital documents for your trip, like drivers licenses, printed copies of reservations, receipts and insurance.


This is a very important aspect in preparation for the perfect visit. Ski vacations can be expensive if you are negligent and do not plan well. Ski resort towns garner most of their business from visitors during peak seasons, so sometimes the cost of even simple things can be expensive. Do your research ahead of time so as not to blow your budget. You can call shops beforehand and ask for price quotes, but often a simple google search will produce an answer. Making reservations ahead of time will usually save you time and money. There are deals online that can be easily found; many times purchasing things like lift tickets ahead of time offer a percentage off.


When planning the days or your trip, try looking up the historical weather data for that particular time frame over the last few years. Due to climate changes, this method is not always perfect, so back it up by watching weather forecast and reports in the days leading up to your Breckenridge adventure. Here at Summit Vacations, we constantly post the current weather conditions on our site. The Breck Ski Resort site has a 24 hour snowfall camera you can watch, and skiers are constantly posting weather updates on Twitter and Instagram. By watching the weather closely, you will be prepared to make the proper travel arrangements, whether you are flying or driving into town. Transportation to the mountain can be impeded by extreme snow storms, closed icy roads and other unforeseen weather conditions. A travelling contingency plan can be the difference between a great memorable ski trip and one spent stranded in an airport. Once you’ve made it to the mountain, the weather also determines if you get outside or not. Luckily, Summit Vacations gives you so many ideas on their site for cool non-skiing vacation activities, that there is no way you will ever go bored!


Preparing to hit the mountain takes a bit of hunting and gathering. You need to hunt for items necessary and gather the ones you already have around. When packing, make sure you pack warmly for during the day, then stylishly for when you are out enjoying nightlife. Wool socks, hats, gloves, snowsuits and thermals are a must for your day wear. Packing travel essentials are a given, but extra items you might consider are sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and chapstick. Snow is extremely reflective; you’d hate to end your first day out with a massive sunburn. You can even purchase polarized snow goggles to aid in this prevention. There’s lots of specialized gear that you can invest in for your trip. Everyone knows there is a bit of gear that goes into skiing and snowboarding, but this shouldn’t deter you from coming to the mountain. There is a reason why winter sports are so loved, regardless of the amount of gear required. You can bring your own gear, or merely get it when you arrive! Some people don’t find money to be an issue, and simply purchase gear when they get to the mountain. Renting gear is cheaper than buying, unless you plan on using your gear a lot for a very long time. It all depends on your preference; Breckenridge accommodates for all. Don’t forget your lift or gondola tickets when getting ready to ski. Those tickets are a vital part of your vacation!


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