Optimizing Revenue

05/26/2017 | By Jeff Zallaps

Maximizing revenue is about optimizing the rate / occupancy equation.   Here are some questions to help ascertain how effectively your property management company is maximizing revenue:

  • How many nights of occupancy can I expect for my property?  An unusually high occupancy rate could be reflective of an under valued rate structure and an ineffective marketing program.
  • How much revenue for your property will come from referral companies (e.g. Homeaway, Airbnb, etc.)?  Many vacation rental managers are too heavily dependent on referral channels.   As a result, their revenue streams are not diversified and subject to disruption as the industry changes.
  • Do you have a customer relationship management and lead management system?  The first job of a vacation rental marketing program is to generate bookings - the next job is to have the systems and processes to convert those inquiries into bookings.
  • Do you have a loyalty program to help generate repeat visits?
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