Ladies Night: Fun & Indulgent Breckenridge Activities

03/18/2015 | By Summit Vacations

When you and your crew visit Breckenridge, you’re in for an endless amount of fun. Every woman, regardless of her age, can find something to do with her friends that makes it a night to remember. So, book your Breckenridge condo, read this list of activities and get ready for the night of your life. It’s time for Ladies Night: Breckenridge Edition

Tap Into Your Artistic Side

The Arts District gives you a nice break from the slopes. It has classes on just about every type of art you could want to create. Choose from beading, painting, textiles and pottery and enjoy tapping into your creative side. Ready, Paint, Fireis the best place in town to make this happen. Book a private party and use the studio after hours for the best time with your gals. You’ll have a blast!

Enjoy a Delectable Meal

We know it can feel difficult to leave your beautiful Breckenridge condo. But if you get out there and enjoy what the town has to offer, you won’t feel disappointed! That’s especially true when it comes to the restaurant scene. Want some martinis at the hippest joint in town? Look no further than the Blue Ridge Bistro. Opened by two college buddies, this place has become quite the hit. Prefer an elegant meal at the town’s best-kept secret? Head over to South Ridge Seafoodthat’s tucked away on Main Ave. Darrell and Pete, the bartenders, will make sure you start your ladies night off with some great cocktails.

Get Your Drink On

No ladies night would be complete without hitting the bars before you go home. Luckily, Breckenridge has a few good choices when it comes to topping the night off right. Liquid Lounge has Ladies Night every Monday with free drinks from 10pm-1am. That’s right! Head over there and dance the night away (but only once you’ve gotten some liquid courage, of course). Alternatively, head over to the Canteen for some crafty cocktails. You’ll love ending the night in this warm, friendly atmosphere. And if you need a snack, then make sure to try the ahi with guacamole or the queso fundido.

You’re Ready for Ladies Night!

Hopefully this list sparked your imagination and got you planning your night out. The last thing a beautiful group of ladies needs to do is sit cooked up inside a Breckenridge condo. Get out there and enjoy all the town has to offer!

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