How to Prepare Your Property for Heavy Snowfall

02/24/2015 | By Summit Vacations

When you own a rental property, you need to do everything possible to keep your residents safe, comfortable and warm, even during emergency situations. As a property owner in Colorado, take precautions to prepare your home for heavy snowfall. This means stocking up on certain essentials that will protect your home and renters.

Stock Up on Emergency Lights

In addition to basic lights that don’t require electricity (like candles and lanterns), you should keep hand-crank emergency lights in the house. It’s a super-bright LED lantern that never needs batteries. Just crank it occasionally and keep the light shining as long as needed.

Buy a Hand-Crank Radio

You need access to developing news if the power goes down. Modern hand-crank radios will not only deliver radio news, but also features USB inputs and a mobile phone charger..

Invest in a Freeze Alarm

When you have a rental property, you’re likely not on the premises very often. But you still need to have vital information, like when the power goes out or the temperature drops too low. A freeze alarm notifies you of these changes, and you can program it to call as many as three numbers when the power goes out.

Get a Battery-Powered Sump Pump

As the snow starts to melt, it becomes water. And if the snow didn’t cause enough trouble, the water certainly will. A battery-powered sump pump will help you keep the house dry, even if the electricity goes out.

Pack an Emergency Kit

The American Red Cross suggests several supplies to go into an emergency kit. Assemble this bag full of items to ensure that your property guests have everything they need in case of an emergency.

Use Weatherseal Tape

Cracked windows can drop the temperature of your home quickly. During heavy snowfall, it may take quite some time before you can schedule the repairman. Seal air leaks and cracked windows with this clear tape.

Purchase Portable Generators

A portable generator can run for several hours and operates on gasoline. Ones designed for camping will work well for basic emergency use. Purchase several generators if your home runs the risk of days without power.

Do you have these necessities available in every rental home property? If not, make it a point to equip your home with everything on this list. It will help you sleep better knowing that your property and renters are safe if an emergency happens.

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