How to Pack Properly for an Awesome Ski Trip

12/04/2018 | By Carl

Have you booked your winter vacation yet? If you have, then you’ll need to know how to properly pack for an awesome ski trip. The mountains, especially the high elevations of Summit County Colorado, can present a demanding climate that will affect what you need to pack in your suitcase. So that you are well prepared, let’s take a closer look at what you need to include.

Cover Your Head

If you don’t want to freeze your bum off, pack a good hat. You’ll want to be sure that it covers your ears, at least partly covers the back of your neck and Is made of thin, modern materials designed for warmth.


We aren’t talking about ski boots. You need to pack a street-smart pair of winter boots that you can wear on the plane and right onto the streets of the town. They need to be waterproof, feature high traction soles and be dark in color so they don’t show slush stains.

Layer up!

No Bare Hands

If you want to properly pack for an awesome ski trip, you don’t want to dismiss the value of warm hands. Cold fingers are miserable, not to mention, potentially dysfunctional. By including a pair of thin, breathable, and waterproof gloves made of technical fabric, your digits will remain warm and functional while taking up virtually no space in your luggage.

Layer Up

The best way to stay warm and comfortable is by dressing in layers but without looking like the Michelin man. Here’s how… Pack a lightweight thermal long-sleeve shirt for your time indoors. For an additional layer, pack a second long-sleeve top, like a cotton sweater for that quick jaunt outside. For one more layer, pack a fleece or wool hoodie. Then, toss in a moderate weight jacket like a pea coat and, for those extremely cold days, that furry parka. With these layers, you will be set for any and all conditions.


On those days when the powder is deep and the sun is out, polarized sunglasses are incredibly valuable. Even the weaker winter sunlight, when reflected off snow, can be blinding. Be sure you pack a stylish pair to protect those baby blues.

Making the effort to strategically and properly pack for an awesome ski trip will be invaluable to your experience. So pack well and get here for some incredible fun on the slopes!

When are you arriving?

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