Hot Air Ballooning Adventure

07/01/2014 | By Katie

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing a hot air balloon ride the first time with Colorado Hot Air Balloon! What I thought was going to be an adrenaline thrilling experience was a peaceful and relaxing ride up in the sky. With 360 panoramic views of mountains, this is a great way to experience the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

The day began with an early rise, 5:30 am meeting time in Breckenridge. From there we travel south of Breckenridge about an hour to Hartsel, Colorado where our trip began.  The town of Hartsel is centrally located within the state of Colorado. Hartsel is a small quite farm town with wide-open spaces and Colorado Rocky Mountains in the distance. On our way to the location our driver Eric was full of energy and enthusiasm as he gave our group insightful and interesting information about Colorado. I have been a local to Colorado for the past three years and I still learned some fun facts. Once we arrived I headed towards the balloon that was inflated.  

It was a great day with not a cloud in the sky. The sun was warm and inviting. Once at the balloon, I made my way into the basket and a few minutes later we began to experience our balloon adventure. It was a smooth take off; I could barely feel that we were ascending. 


The views were incredible, seeing over 36 fourteen thousand foot peaks in the distance. There are 54 in the state of Colorado so seeing more then half in the state was pretty amazing. I have deep love for the mountains and to see the Colorado Rocky Mountains like this was unreal experience for me. This is the perfect place to try a hot air balloon ride for the first time. During the ride it is very quite and peaceful with classical music playing in the balloon basket. 

When the hour was up we started to make our way back down. Just like our take off, it was a smooth landing.  One by one we existed the balloon and helped with the deflating of the balloon. Holding on to the basket and tipping it over to make sure the balloon didn’t get away from us. One thing I wish I didn’t do is wear flip-flops! There are cactus when you land! So my one tip for you is to wear a shoe that completely covers your feet! Luckily we landed in a spot where there weren’t that many cactus, so I was able to get back to the van without any thorns  in my feet :)

Once the balloon was packed up and we were all in the van, we headed to breakfast. We traveled a couple of minutes from where we landed to nice wide open space with picnic tables setup. As we waited for breakfast to be ready, we had a mimosa toast and Tommy our pilot said a little hot air balloon prayer.  After, we learned about the history of hot air ballooning. By the time Tommy was finished giving everyone a little history lesson, it was time for breakfast. Everyone sat at the few picnic tables and we enjoy a lovely breakfast.  After that it was time to head back to Breckenridge. All in all this was a great experience I will never forget. Colorado Hot Air Balloon did an amazing job from start to finish. 

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