Guide to Spring Skiing in Breckenridge

03/26/2014 | By Roman

Spring skiing is here…. gloriously and very appropriately, this 21st day of March, 2014.

 A beautiful, sunny blue sky “bluebird” day.  Warm temps and phenomenal snow coverage. I had to take some pictures of the beautiful views up there, of the Continental Divide, and Lake Dillon.   It was very interesting to see the line of hikers making their way to the top of the ridge, walking along the ridge, and then dropping down into the many chutes there.  From the vantage point of the top of the lift, you could see Breck’s other 4 peaks, from the back side. 

Stunning vistas all around.

 We made our way up to Peak 6 and decided to check out the above Timberline intermediate bowl.  This blue run is called “Bliss” and it was fun.  The “Bliss” Bowl is relatively mellow from my perspective, but I would not recommend it as anyone’s first blue run…. it is a little steeper than the average blue run. 

   The bowls funnel down into a couple of runs through the trees.  We dropped down into Euphoria and then onto Delirium.  These were both mellow, blue, intermediate, cruising runs.  The snow was excellent and we were having a blast.   

 We rode the Kensho Superchair back up and decided to check out the other side.  This time we dropped into the Double Black, Expert, Beyond Bowl.  I was under my doctor’s instructions to be careful, essentially not to fall, because my leg was still a little swollen, but it looked like a piece of cake.  Looks can be deceiving thought.  It ended up becoming a lot steeper than it looked, but the sign does say Double Black Diamond. 

 I love exploring so I traversed the entire top of the Bowl to the limits, just to see Peak 5, up close. 

 Quite a sight, to see the overhanging cornices above.


I was so far off the beaten path that I was able to ski through a couple of inches of untracked powder.  I skied back down to join up with my friends, to continue skiing down into the bowl, where it funnels and drops into an even steeper section of moguls. 

 The snow coverage was phenomenal.  With spring skiing, its always better to start a little later, giving the sun a chance to soften up the snow.  We had experienced a little slickness on our first run down the blue, intermediate Monte Cristo, on Peak 7, but after that, the snow was very soft and malleable.

We cruised down to the base of the Independence Chair, and took a Vitamin D break at the bottom of the chair, soaking in the afternoon sun.   After riding the Independence Chair back up, we skied Lower Forget Me Not, through some glades and alongside the T-Bar.

 We dropped down into the blue, intermediate Northstar run.  I can’t stop marveling at the fantastic snow coverage that this epic season has brought.  I did not encounter a single rock or obstacle all day.  We cut into the trees alongside Northstar, and skied through them down onto Dukes.  Fun, fun, fun.  Again I would not recommend skiing in the trees, unless you are an expert and are experienced doing that.  Otherwise I would recommend that you take lessons and have a ski instructor guide your through trees. Skiing through trees can be very dangerous.

 The first day of spring in the Rockies was delightful.  Blue skies, sunshine and wonderful snow coverage all over the mountain.  In the interest of caution, I made it  shorter day, and took the 4 O’Clock ski run to the Gondola run to the Lomax Placer Trail, and skied right to my door.  The Lomax Placer trail, I would characterize as a black, expert run through the trees…  it’s actually a historic hiking trail, that some locals use as a ski trail.  Not recommended without guidance.

 The sun was out all day, however, on Saturday, March 22, Breckenridge reported 4 inches of snow.  It fell overnight…. and that is the myth.  The snow falls at night in the spring….. and the sun comes out during the day while you are skiing through that delicious spring powder.  Here is the Mch 22 snow report:


Last 24 hours: 4"

Overnight: 0"

Last 48 hours: 4"

Last 7 days: 10"

Total Season Snowfall:



Lifts Open: 35 of 35

Runs Open: 187 of 187


Powder/Packed Powder

 All lifts open, all runs open, and 373 inches of snow so far, and counting.

 No lift lines.

 And of course we are running our 35% SPRINGFEVER discount, off the already lower than winter April prices.

 In my opinion, the best 4 weeks of the ski season are right in front of us.

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