For Lovers Only: A Couple’s Guide to Breckenridge

01/29/2015 | By Summit Vacations

Nothing says romance quite like the views and atmosphere you enjoy in Breckenridge. From the snow-covered mountains to the historic buildings, you’ll find yourself in a romantic mood throughout your stay.

Whether you’re a laid-back couple, young lovebirds or an adventurous duo, Breckenridge has everything you need for a beautifully romantic getaway.

For Laid-Back Lovers

Many people come to Breckenridge for an adventure. But others come to soak in the beauty. Book accommodations at a luxury property. Wake up in your suite, grab some breakfast on-site and enjoy a relaxing morning.

Enjoy a relaxing days by participating in one or more of the following activities:

Finish your lovely day with a candlelit dinner at Ember. Created by artist Scotty B., the restaurant seeks to give you more thank delicious food; they deliver and entire experience.

For Young Lovers

Nothing burns quite as bright as young love in Breckenridge. Begin your day with a Bhakti Chai from Clint’s Bakery. Then grab your bae and get a two-seat car on the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster for a one-of-a-kind view.

Young couples will find plenty of ways to spend an afternoon. Try some of these activities:

Top off a great day by tapping into your childhood at Eric’s. Grab a bit of juicy burgers, spicy wings or delicious pizza. Once you finish dinner, enjoy some time in front of one of their 14 HDTVs or go play one of the 18 arcade games.

For Adventure Lovers

Start the day on a high point at Peak 8. Ride up the Imperial Express Chair. It’s the highest in North America at 12,840 feet. Climb the additional 150 feet to the summit and shred down the 400 acres of terrain. You and your date will love taking in the beautiful view from the peak, and can enjoy a daring adventure on the way down.

Fill your afternoon with other adventurous activities. A few of the things to try out include:

End the evening with some exquisite local cuisine. Head out to Relish and try their Herb de Provence rubbed Colorado steak with truffled steak fries.

Are You Ready for the Trip of a Lifetime?

Just a fair warning: Once you come to Breckenridge, you’ll never want to leave.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with a vacation in this romantic town. You’ll find plenty to do, regardless of your personality. From the laid-back lovers to the adventurous duo, every couple will find a way to embrace the beautiful atmosphere this place offers.

What are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

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