February 27, 2015, The Powder Day that took down the Internet in Breckenridge

03/18/2015 | By Roman

February 27, 2015, The Powder Day that took down the Internet in Breckenridge.  At least that was one of our first thoughts when it was discovered that the Internet was down in Breckenridge for a good part of the day.  We later discovered that a driver had crashed into a power pole, that took down Breckenridge’s internet.

Although I was aware of some internet issues at my ski club chalet, I was able to get on the internet through my IPhone hot spot, sent off some business related emails and went up to ski, blissfully unaware that most of Breck was without internet access.

Breck had reported about 5 inches of fresh powder that day, so my friend Chuck and I headed up to Peak 7, and skied “Lower Forget Me Not” as our warm up run.  A number of times in my life I have had people ask me “Can people really ski when it’s snowing?”  Well, absolutely…. in my opinion, the quality of the snow is the best during a snowstorm.

We did a couple of laps off of the Independence chair on Peak 7, the powder and packed powder on the bumps on Pioneer was delightful.

We rode up the T-bar and took a “glorious” run through the powder on Pika.  Check out the deep “fresh tracks” behind my friend Chuck, with the T-bar in the background.

Well it was another delightful day of skiing in Breckenridge. I was on a pair of Blizzard Bonafides.  This ski was rated #1 on hard pack conditions for 2 of the last 3 years; an old school, metal (titanium actually) ski, with a rockered tip  that well deserves it’s number one ranking.  It is extremely responsive and smooth.  You can rent these skis from our affiliate partner, Christy Sports, and also have them delivered to you from their Door to Door delivery service.  Reserve these skis on our home page, under the link, EQUIPMENT & RENTALS:


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It was another wonderful ski day as we headed home down the 4 O’Clock Ski Run, turned left onto the Gondola Skiway,  dropped down onto the Lomax Placer trail, and then into the trees to end up 20 feet from my car in the parking lot of my ski club chalet.

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