Cross Country Skiing in Breckenridge

03/25/2016 | By Summit Vacations

The sunlight reflects off the snow as your skis glide along the beautiful landscape. You follow the track into the trees, feeling the burn in your legs as you begin to head up a little incline. The cool breeze brings the sweet scent of pine as the path darkens inside the wood. You can see the trees thinning up ahead as you break through the forest into a beautiful snow-covered meadow.  This is just a taste of the cross country skier's experience in lovely Breckenridge, Colorado. Whether you are trying cross country skiing for the first time or the one hundredth time, this magnificent area of Colorado has much to offer the beginner to advanced cross country skier.

Two Types of Cross Country Skiing

For those who are new to cross country skiing, there are two basic styles for people to choose from, classical and skate. Classical skiing is the more well-known type. This type is the most similar to walking or running where your arms swing in opposite rhythm to the legs. Skate skiing uses a similar motion to ice skating and your arms move together in different rhythms depending on how fast you are going. Both types can be learned by beginners, but which type you decide to try will determine the types of skis you rent/buy. Classical skiers can use groomed or ungroomed trails, while skate skiers will do much better on groomed trails.

Nordic Centers

Breckenridge is home to two nordic centers (Breckenridge Nordic Center and Gold Run Nordic Center) with two more in the surrounding county (Frisco Nordic Center and Keystone Nordic Center). Each of these nordic centers offer amazing trails for classical or skate skiing that range from beginner to advanced and showcase the magnificent beauty of this area. Although each of these centers differ in many ways, you will find that all include clubhouses where you can warm up and socialize with other skiers, skiing and snow shoe lessons, retail and rental shops, and much more. Many include kid zones and sledding hills as well, so bring the family along and enjoy a great time.  

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Self-guided Tours

Breckenridge has many biking and hiking trails during the summer months that offer great cross country skiing during the winter time. If you are up for trying some trails on your own, check out some of the Breckenridge trail maps and plan your own way. If you are in need of some rental equipment, the nordic centers or local shops will get you on your way. Just make sure to let someone know where you will be going and when you will return for safety reasons.

No matter what level or style of nordic skier you are, there is something for you in Breckenridge. Not only will you get some great winter exercise, but you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape that this part of Colorado has to offer.

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