Blue Bird Ski Day at Breckenridge

02/02/2015 | By Roman

It was another Blue Bird Ski day at Breckenridge, for the record, Friday, Jan 16, and my friend Chuck and I headed up to Peak 6 to for another glorious day of skiing.  I was eager to try out Blizzard’s Bonafide skis, rated #1 for 2 of the previous 3 years, that Christy Sports let me demo.

We dropped into the only above timberline bowl in the country, rated intermediate, into a run called “Bliss” or was it the run right next to it, called “Euphoria”. Either way, the either name was appropriate.  The snow had softened and was wonderful.   We dropped into “Deja Vu”  and cruised back down to the Kensho Chair. The Bonafides did everything I asked them to. They felt solid, light, and very responsive.

This time when we got off the Kensho we dropped off the other side into the single black diamond run, Intuition, where the snow was packed, but soft…… fun, fun, fun.  So much so that we went back and went further into the double black diamond Beyond Bowl. 

 We made our way over to the T-bar, which is always an interesting high alpine experience in itself.  We went left into the Whale’s Tail, and skied down “Forget Me Not.”  The wind had blown powder in between the moguls and the descent was delightful.   We continued down “Lower Forget Me Not” down to the T-Bar and did it again a few more times, before calling it a day. 

I tried to capture some shots of freestyle skiers and riders jumping on the way back down.

It is such a pleasure to be working up here in Breckenridge and able to enjoy this world class ski mountain and the fun of the town of Breckenridge.  

I highly recommend the Blizzard Bonafides.  They performed wonderfully all over the mountain, holding their edges in the few slick spots I encountered…. cutting through crud where I encountered it, and floating on powder, where I was lucky enough to find it.  

You can rent those skis at any of Christy’s 9 locations in Breckenridge or have them delivered to you via their Door to Door service.  You will get a 20% discount by booking your ski gear from Christy’s from this link:

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