April 3, 2015, 9 inches of fresh powder reported at Breckenridge, at mid mountain

04/06/2015 | By Roman

April skiing, the second snowiest month of the winter; Colorado’s best kept secret, and the legend is that the snow falls at night, and the days are sunny with blue skies….. and that is what I woke up to, on this 3rd day of April, 2015, 5 inches in town and 9 inches at mid mountain; bringing us over 300 inches for the season, so far; here is the snow report:

New Snow

Last 24 hrs:

9 "


9 "

Last 48 hrs:


Last 7 days:

9 "

Season Total:

302 "

Terrain Report

Acres Open:

 2881 of 2908

Lifts Open:

34 of 34

Runs Open:

184 of 187

 However, I can personally report 2 feet of fresh powder at the top of the Y-Chutes in the Whale’s Tail.  What an incredible snow day it was.  I saw my friend Tom head out for the 8:26 bus, while I was still putting my boots on.  “No friends on a powder day,” and I ended up just missing the 8:46 Blue bus going up to Peak 8, missing another group of alleged ski friends.  However, the 8:46 Green bus going to Peak 9, was a minute late, and the kind bus driver waited for me.  I got on the Beaver Run chair at 9:02 and was skied down through some fresh powder on Cashier and Briar Rose on my way down to the Falcon Chair on Peak 10.  I looked up to ski a skier coming down Upper Lehman through powder up to his knees.

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Coming off the Falcon, I dropped into the single  black diamond run, Corsair, with fresh powder at least a foot deep, still untracked in many places.

I skied down Upper Lehman to the Mercury  chair and then back down Briar Rose, dropping into some trees and skiing some fresh powder before dropping back onto Upper Lehman.

I decided to head over to Peak 8 and see if I could make my way up to the highest chairlift in North America, to see if there was any untracked powder at the top of the mountain.

I had just been to the Whale’s Tail, one week before, and the descent to the saddle had completely changed in one week’t time.  Where there had been a mogul run leading down to the saddle, there was now only a thin trail leading to the saddle, which was now covered in deep, windblown, ice-packed snow.  The wind was howling and blowing…. I thought I was going to be blown over the side.  I took some quick pictures, and decided to drop over the edge and away from the fierce winds.

The Y-Chutes that I dropped into, (double black diamond expert terrain) off of the Whale’s Tail, was about 2 feet deep (a friend skiing that day, has a ski pole with inches on it, and measured 23 inches at the top of the Y-Chutes).  Like many others up there, I was whooping and hollering as I made my turns through beautiful deep snow.

I took a break to catch my breath about midway down the Y-Chutes and took some pictures of skiers standing at the top of CJ’s Run, looking for the remaining untracked powder up there.  CJ is a legendary Breckenridge skier (still skis there most every day) who either once held or still holds the world’s speed skiing record.  There is also a cabin/ski run, off of Briar Rose named for him, that ski instructors bring their young students through.

From the Y-Chutes I skied down into the single black diamond run, Ore Bucket, a glade run on lower peak 7. As it was all over the mountain on this glorious day, the snow was great….  where the powder had been tracked out, the packed powder was as smooth as butter, and the snow cover was exceptional, with all 34 lifts running, and 184 out of 187 ski runs open. I headed back up the Independence chair and took Wanderlust over to Peak 6.

At the top of Peak 6, I admired the hikers making their way up to the top of Peak 6, and especially those dropping off the cornices of the double black diamond Beyond Bowl.  I dropped down into the beautiful snow in Serenity Bowl, and then into lower Serenity Bowl to check out the brave souls dropping into the cliffs on Peak 6.  I saw 3 skiers drop into the chutes, with one skier in particular, leaving a trail of rooster tails in his wake.

I continued on, past the cliffs, staying high on the right side, and discovered stretches of untracked powder on the descent towards the top of the independence chair.

I and then cruised down Angel’s Rest and over to the base of Peak 8, for a break at One Ski Hill Place, where the beach at break was in full swing.

Unfortunately my camera phones battery died when I was about to take one of the most gorgeous pictures….. a beautiful creek, tons of incredible snow, and the fourteeners, Grays and Torreys Peaks, in the distance…. it will have to wait for another time, but the conditions were so fantastic.

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