April 17, 2015, Another Epic Powder Day at Breckenridge

04/20/2015 | By Roman

My friends, Sherrie and Bob, and I caught the 8:46 free ride bus (this is where Ski Hill and Twin Elks guests would catch the bus to Beaver Run,  - (bus going to Pks 7 & 8 is across the street) and we got there before for first chair…. however, there were 50 people in line in front of us.   

When we got off the chair, the snow was about a foot deep, and in the flats, we could only point them straight down to get some momentum…. but once we did - WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!  That first run, through about a foot of powder, was incredible.  We made fresh tracks, basically down the entire length of the single, black diamond, expert run, American, almost all the way down to the Mercury.  DELIGHTFUL!!!!  

We rode the Mercury up, and skied down Peerless….. making fresh tracks on about 75% of the run.  WOW!!! What a blast.  We rode the Merc up and did it again.  This time, maybe only making fresh tracks through the powder about 60% of the way down.

We headed down the single black diamond, expert run, Sizzler, to get over to the Falcon chair on Peak 10 (experts only). We had a blast skiing down Cimmaron and  Double Jack, numerous times.  However, a snow squall came in, and we had blizzard conditions at the top of the Falcon Chair.  Visibility dropped down and it was extremely hard to see.  We hugged the trees, staying together, and made our way down to Ten Mile Station, to take a break, and weather the storm.  As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 20 minutes…. and we did, and the sun came out.  

We skied down the single black, expert run, Rounders and the blue, intermediate run, Northstar,  skiing great corn snow on the lower part of the mountain.   

Winter conditions had returned. The snow off of Chair 6 was awesome…. still some powder to be had in Lobo and Hombre.  Upper Four O’Clock and Upper Psycopath still had large tracks of untracked powder at 3 PM in the afternoon.

 Another great thing about skiing in April, is that there are very few people on the mountain.  We were the only skiers on many of the runs that we took.

Great skiing on this last weekend at Breckenridge.  Talk about great snow cover, Breckenridge had 28 of 34 lifts running, with 149 out of 187 runs still open, with wonderful powder and packed powder conditions on the upper mountain, and great corn snow on the lower part of the mountain.  The season total, on the last day, 4/19/15, was 319 inches of snow, bringing the total to the past 8 year average of about 320 inches.  You can see from these pictures, what you can expect for a Breckenridge April Ski Vacation - Colorado’s Best Kept Secret.

On this, my last day of skiing Breckenridge this year, I was able to ski back down the 4 O’Clock Ski Run, all the way back to the Snowflake Chairlift, and the Gondola ski run was open as well.  The 4 O’Clock Ski Run was officially, closed past the turn off to the Snowflake, but I was able to unofficially ski to the end of Sawmill Rd, opposite the 4 O’Clock Lodge, and it looked very skiable further down.

Now that you see how great April skiing can be in Breckenridge, we will offer you a 15% discount on next April’s lodging if you can book your 3 night, or longer stay, by June 1, 2015, before we raise next April’s prices.  Call us at 970-453-2779 to get the discount code.

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